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To encourage continuous nature-centered outdoor experiences that enrich the lives of children.


  • Continuous outdoor experiences for every child
  • Increase physical and mental health and encourage responsible citizenship
  • Unstructured, experiential learning in natural environments
  • Empower children to influence positive outcomes in their communities
  • Work collectively as a network of organizations and individuals to accomplish more


Be Outdoors Arizona was inspired by the landmark publication of Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods and subsequent research findings presented on his website (http://www.childrenandnature.org) that conclusively demonstrate the relationship between nature experiences and children’s health and well-being. As Louv points out, “A growing body of research links our mental, physical, and spiritual health directly to our association with nature.”


The intent of Nature Walk is to present to the community nature-content providers in a way that readily enables initial engagement and clearly points toward additional opportunities to experience nature. It takes stand-alone programs from one entity and links it with other programs so learning about and engaging with nature can continue and advance.

Our aim with Nature Walk is to make sure you have a successful beginning engagement with nature, and then opportunities to continue having rewarding experiences in nature. See our Events page for a variety of activities!

Be Outdoors Arizona is a collaboration of many organizations established to give people in Arizona a single place to discover and engage outdoor activities.



There are so many outdoor activities to explore in Arizona. New adventures require new education and skills. Your ‘path’ along your ‘Nature Walk‘. This site is designed to meet your predetermined goal (hike the Grand Canyon) or help you discover a new hobby that you may not have known you would be interested in.  To the right is a list of activities that will provide suggestions for classes and programs that you can take to build your skills and knowledge around a particular outdoor topic.

Don’t see the activity you would want?  Use the form at the bottom to provide us feedback. We are always adding new nature walks as they are identified!


Archery  Backpacking  Bird Watching  Boating  Camping  Fishing  Hiking  Horseback Riding  Hunting  Mountain Biking  OHV  Photography  Rock Climbing   Running  Shooting Sports  Snow Sports  Survival Training  Trapping  Water Sports  Watchable Wildlife


By supporting Be Outdoors Arizona by becoming a partner and through populating its activity calendar, you encourage a new generation of individuals who will grow to support your organization and others like it. If everyone cooperates then everyone gains!

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Nature Walk Video

Little Hansi the Hedgehog – A Story of Survival

The Adventures of Hansi the Hedgehog is a nature book in two parts. Part 1 is the true story of Kristina and the newborn hedgehog she finds barely alive on a vineyard dirt road. She takes the baby hedgehog home and spends the next several months as its substitute [...]

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